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These are just some of the services we provide. Contact us with your needs.




Based on the Owner’s programming criteria, thoughtful layout and planning of a theatre’s technical areas and systems is critical to maximize the usefulness and flexibility of the available space.


We have practical, “real world” knowledge of how to plan backstage areas, including dressing rooms, scene shops, on and off stage spaces, as well as other technical areas.


These include electrical service requirements, HVAC routings, structural steel layouts and many other non-theatrical systems that are all affected by programming decisions. We also assist planners in developing realistic budgets and schedules.




Stage rigging, concert shells, stage lifts, production lighting and sound systems all must be properly designed and installed if they are to provide many years of trouble free use and flexibility.


Scheu Consulting Services specializes in the proper selection, design, specification, and installation of stage equipment systems.


Performance spaces must also be designed and outfitted properly to provide the best acoustics possible to maximize the quality of the audience’s experience. Acoustic evaluations of existing spaces and design studies for new venues are based upon the Owner’s programming needs. We have the most sophisticated testing tools available.


Specification and bid document preparation, bid reviews, and the close supervision of fabrication and installation all play crucial roles in a successful project. We insure that our clients get the value and quality they expect from their contractors, and help keep their project on time and on budget.





Periodic inspections and training in the proper use of stage systems forms an integral part of the safety program in any facility, large or small. Our knowledge and commitment to the highest standards of safety are brought to bear when we are asked to inspect existing systems or provide training to your staff. Many programs are available.



“Scheu's diligence at every milestone of the project assured that the University got all that was expected in the new system and that the contractor fulfilled every EVERY obligation the firm had agreed to contractually.

Stephen Rees - Department Chair and Technical Director, SUNY Fredonia

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