COVID-19 Pandemic Site Visit Policies

Effective March 27, 2020 (Modified April 20, 2020)


While we realize that regulations may vary by state, we are a New York State corporation/business and must abide by the regulations put into place by New York State officials.


The health and safety of our employees, their families, and others we work with, is paramount.  During the COVID-19 pandemic, we encourage everyone to continue to practice "social distancing" as recommended by the CDC, WHO, and government officials.  We have the tools to continue to provide a high level of service to our clients, even while we work and engage with one another remotely.  


Given the nature of our work, we understand that we may be asked to participate in site visits before COVID-19 "stay at home" / "shelter in place" recommendations and/or mandates have ended.  We have prepared the following policies for how we intend to handle these requests:


  1. If one of our team members is feeling sick in any way, has COVID-19 symptoms, or has been exposed to someone with COVID-19, they will be required to stay at home and follow the advice of their healthcare provider.

  2. Everything possible shall be done to have the task(s) completed remotely. For example:

    1. We may request the Contractor or Client send photos of items or areas that require review.

    2. We may request the Contractor or Client conduct a virtual walkthrough utilizing a tool such as FaceTime or TEAMS.

    3. We may request that the site visit or in-person meeting be postponed to a later date.

  3. If a Contractor or Client insists that a site visit appears to be necessary, we will:

    1. Require a written statement as to why the Contractor or Client believes the site visit is important and why evaluating the issue and possible resolutions cannot be done remotely.

    2. Discuss any other factors that may influence the decision to participate in-person.

  4. If it agreed between us and the Contractor or Client that a site visit is necessary or “essential” per New State ESD guidelines, we will:​​

    1. Request a copy of the COVID-19 procedures agreed upon between the Architect, General Contractor, and/or Owner.

    2. Request that the General Contractor provide new and unused Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) when we arrive.  PPE may include gloves, face shields, and/or masks. If the contractor does not have PPE available, we will provide this equipment ourselves, subject to availability, at an additional cost to the Contractor or Client. If PPE is not available due to shortages or other reasons, the site visit will be postponed until PPE can be provided, or COVID-19 "stay at home" / "shelter in place" recommendations and/or mandates have ended.

    3. Request that the site visit occur after most construction personnel have left for the day. Typically, this means 3:00 PM or later.

    4. Request a copy of the General Contractor's or Architectural Client’s current COVID-19 job site policies.​

  5. If the provisions of Part 4 above are met, and in-person attendance is agreed to, we will:

    1. Require that the Contractor or Client provide a written statement that the site visit will be conducted per the agreed upon conditions. 

    2. Perform a self-check to confirm if any of our representatives have a fever. If a temperature reading is above 100.3 degrees F, they will stay at home, consult a physician, and notify the Contractor or Client that the site visit will be postponed indefinitely until the fever has lowered to below 100.3 degrees for two consecutive calendar days.

    3. Avoid public transportation when traveling where practical, and drive to the site. Sufficient time shall be allowed for leaving our office and returning between the hours of 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM, including travel time. Overnight hotel stays may be required. 

    4. Bring our own standard construction site protective gear (hard hat, eye protection, head lamps, ear plugs, etc.) and exercise other "safety first" practices, as we do regularly.  

    5. Check-in at the construction office, pick-up the provided PPE gear, and discuss other safety-related issues as warranted.

  6. Upon arrival, if we observe that any of the agreed upon conditions are not met, or if we have other safety concerns, the site visit will be suspended and we will return home. Any expenses incurred due to the suspension of the site visit will be invoiced to the Contractor or Client.


These policies will be in effect for the foreseeable future. We encourage our team members and partners to think creatively about ways we can provide the same valuable input and service to our clients without requiring our in-person attendance.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us to discuss further.

Thank you.

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